My Confession


I have a confession to make.  I am a little shy.  What you say?  No way!

Yes really.  I am about as shy as they come especially when I meet someone new.  I’m nervous and get scared of the dark.  Maybe that is why I have all those flashing lights set up in my home.  Its one reason at least.

But what about all those movies I put on the internet and twitter and so on?  Well, its my way of expressing myself without actually talking.  Its a way of reaching out to my friends and making sure they know exactly who I am.  I am Bella Wu – and yes I love sex.  I just don’t always know how to say it.

Ever since I’ve been a kid I have found ways to express myself without actually talking.  I absolutely love music and often try put on the right song when I am with someone to make sure they know how I feel!

When you move to a different country and barely know the language – its important to still be able to express yourself.  So yeah, that’s how I do it.

Bella Wu


P.S remember its always the shy ones who are the most wild in bed.

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