Another Friday Another Party

Sydney Asian Escort


Too many client’s keep telling me that I am Sydney’s best party girl.  When I ask them why they all say “because you actually like to party!”  And the jury verdict came back and I was found unanimously guilty.

Yeah, it’s true I like to have a ‘little’ bit of of fun at night.  But why not?  If you come to see me to enjoy yourself and take your mind of life’s stresses – don’t you want me to enjoy myself too?  I hope so!

So I thought I would sit up in bed, let my head spin just a little and type out whatever made sense.  I like to party – party party party!  If you come visit me one day make sure you like to have fun and make sure you can keep up.  Music, dancing, singing.  Whatever type of party you like I am sure I can go along for the ride – who knows, I may even jump in the drivers seat.

So Friday is usually my warm up for Saturday.  I’m warm now baby – so lets play together!  Happy Saturday.

Sydney Asian Escort

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