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Here is my story.

I am Bella and I am the youngest Eurasian Girl in Sydney!

High School Babe

I started High School in Australia (locally in Darlinghurst) at the age of 16 and was socially isolated because my English was non-existent. My parents remained in China and I lived with my Aunt who did not really care about my wellbeing. Eventually I fell in with a crowd of people who accepted me because of my petite teenage looks and outgoing people pleasing personality.  

High School is High school and it became quite incestuous and by the time I was 18 I had been through basically everyone I knew. Well, when you have caught all the fish in the pond you travel to the ocean. 

Sydney University’s Biggest Whore

I started at Sydney University with hopes of obtaining a Bachelor of Accounting so I could proudly return to my parents in China with a grand accomplishment. I failed most of my subjects in the first semester. Five years later my parents have cut me off and I need money!

Accounting and English were never my strengths but I did develop a downright dirty attitude to back up my teenage looks. While I sucked at school I certainly get an “A Plus” in role play as a filthy 18 year old school girl who literally does “suck” at school. Suck dick that is. 

Party, games, and rimming

I am nasty, sloppy, passionate, and if you want I can pay extra special attention to your backside with my cheeky little tongue. 

In my spare time I enjoy Asian night clubs and am a regular at OPM. I don’t exercise but always have enough energy to dance my way through until 4am in the morning. 

I love to play a game with the young boys that hit on me all night. Last man standing gets the prize. And the prize is the naughtiest little bedroom slut you will ever encounter. 

My orgasm

When I have an orgasm I scream and moan like I am riding a roller coaster. You can ride it with me and enjoy the “ups and downs”, “twists and turns”, and of course the big finale when your balls sink into your stomach and empty “inside or outside or just where ever you fucking want”. This ride operates 24 hours a day and never slows down for safety reasons. 

Make sure you come prepared and I can guarantee you will relive your high school or university days as they should have been. You will be as horny as you were in high school but the main difference in this fantasy is you will get to blow your load anywhere you like. 

Bella Wu Escort

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